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What is Computer Forensics?

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensic

Computer Forensic science includes the acquisition, examination, identification, analysis and interpretation of electronic data commonly created and used by computers and related digital devices.





Uses of Computer Forensics

Uses of Computer Forensic Investigation Services

Computer Forensic

Computer forensic investigation services may support civil or criminal litigation and can enhance corporate information technology security.




Computer Forensics Data We Can Analyze
Word processing documents; e-mail; instant messages and transcript logs; web server logs; images, videos and other binary files; accounting, financial and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) databases; spreadsheets; customer, prospect and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data; price lists; product inventory; employee expense reimbursements; suspicious payments and accounting software entries; etc.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness Services Computer Forensic Investigation Services, Computer Expert Witness Services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness services from Morochove & Associates Inc.,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We provide computer forensics investigation services, computer expert witness services and computer consulting assistance to both the legal and business communities from our base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We support lawyers and their clients in civil cases and in criminal defense. We also assist corporate information technology managers, human resource managers and accountants with computer investigations in sensitive areas.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness Services Our Approach to Computer Forensic Investigation Services

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness services

Our computer forensic investigation services are tailored to meet client needs. We answer specific questions concerning the matter under investigation. We can analyze and interpret digital data from personal computers, notebooks, servers (including web servers), mobiles such as smartphones and tablets and many other electronic devices.

We approach computer forensic services from a practical business and information technology perspective supported by decades of hands-on experience with a wide variety of computer systems and software applications.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness Services Why Choose Us?

Why choose us for computer forensic science investigation?

Our president is a noted computer authority with 35 years experience.
We explain our computer forensic investigation findings in plain English, with a minimum of technical jargon, so they can be readily understood by non-computer experts.
Information technology services are our only business, not an adjunct to an unrelated business.
Initial telephone consultation of up to 30 minutes at no charge to qualified prospects. To get started, please contact us now.

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