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Computer forensic

Which computers?

We've worked with computers running on diverse operating systems including Microsoft Windows, DOS, Apple Macintosh, UNIX/Linux.





Who requires Computer Forensics services?
Users of computer forensics services include: lawyers and their clients, corporate information technology professionals, human resource managers, accountants (including forensic accountants), business owners and managers, private investigators.





Anton Piller Order
An Anton Piller order is roughly equivalent to a civil search warrant. The volatile and easily changed nature of electronic data stored on computers often means that evidence may be best acquired by means of an ex parte Anton Piller order.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness ServicesComputer Forensics Services and Expert Witness Services

Computer Forensics Services We assist lawyers, their clients and businesses to acquire and analyze digital data for purposes of litigation or to improve corporate security regarding information technology.

With 35 years experience working with computers, we have a broad-based and in-depth knowledge of information technology and computer forensics. We can analyze data from personal computers, notebooks and servers, including web servers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and many of the newer digital devices.

Our extensive business experience consulting on computer issues means we are prepared to dive beneath the bits and bytes to first present the straight facts and then explain what they really mean.

Computer Forensics ServicesWe excel at the interpretation of computer forensic digital data. Our expert report will explain our findings in understandable English, with a minimum of technical mumbo-jumbo. We can also prepare graphs, charts and other visual aids to highlight our findings so they are easily understood by judges and other non-computer experts. The computer forensics expert reports and visual aids we create may be used in affidavits to support litigation.

We are familiar with the Rules of Civil Procedure relating to the Duty of Expert and the information required to be included in an expert report to ensure our written report will meet the standards demanded by Ontario courts.

Of course, we also participate in discoveries and trials to provide expert witness testimony that supports our professional opinion as expressed in our written reports.

Computer Forensics services at a glance Computer Forensics services at a glance

Computer forensics services we provide include: identifying, acquiring, extracting, analyzing, interpreting, reporting on and testifying about computer data. We can also review and interpret the operations of many types of computer applications software.

Types of electronic computer data we analyze and interpret include (but are not limited to): word processing documents; e-mail; instant messages and transcript logs; web server logs; images, videos and other binary files; accounting, financial and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) databases; spreadsheets; customer, prospect and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data; price lists; product inventory; employee expense reimbursements; suspicious payments and accounting software entries; etc.

Anton Piller Order computer forensics assistanceOntario Anton Piller Order computer forensics services

Proper planning and consultation prior to execution of the Anton Piller order in Ontario is essential to help ensure that all relevant data, digital and otherwise, is secured, identified and acquired during one on-site visit. It will likely be a long day. We recommend the legal team meet a day or two prior to ensure all are aware of their duties and responsibilities. You don't get a second crack at this data collection opportunity.

Computer program files sought in an Anton Piller order in Ontario may consist of standard packaged or custom applications.

Computer data files sought in an Anton Piller order in Ontario may include word processing documents, e-mail messages, financial and accounting records, financial statements such as income statements and balance sheets, price lists, as well as customer, sales and product information databases.

It is becoming more common in Ontario to use an ISS (Independent Supervising Solicitor) to maintain custody of the data collected in an Anton Piller order, particularly in complex cases with much data.

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