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Call for Help TV
Richard Morochove (right) Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based computer forensic investigator interviewed by Leo Laporte (left) on Call for Help
Photo credit: Sean Carruthers

Richard Morochove interviewed by host Leo Laporte on G4techTV's Call for Help television program, archived on YouTube 9min31sec. Program #363 discussed computer forensic investigation in How your computer could testify against you.

Richard also appeared on Call for Help Program #352 regarding computer forensics at work in How employers track your Net usage.

Canadian Lawyer
Richard Morochove and the firm's computer forensic practice were profiled in Canadian Lawyer magazine, July 2005 issue. Please see Computer forensics: the new, must-have skill, p. 10.


Information technology consulting is our sole business
We specialize in providing information technology consulting services. This is not a sideline nor an acquired adjunct to another, unrelated operation. Delivering quality information technology consulting services to our clients is our only business.


Computer Forensics Widely recognized computer expertise

Richard Morochove has 1,500 information technology publication credits, is a university level lecturer, noted public speaker and has been interviewed numerous times in print, on the web, television and radio.



Computer Forensics Case: Netbored Inc. v. Avery Holdings Inc.
2005 FC 1405 (CanLII)
Computer Forensics

Engaged by defendant Avery in this civil matter involving a review of an Anton Piller order and claims of copyright infringement, etc. Our computer forensic investigation included: analysis of alleged infringing software and web pages; and analysis of the plaintiff's web server logs which purported to show a drop in search engine rank and loss of business due to alleged copyright infringement by the defendant's website.

Balance of the order was in favour of defendant Avery which was entitled to recover all fees and disbursements charged by its expert Mr. Morochove.



Computer Forensics Case: R. v. Moss
2011 ONSC 5143 (CanLII)
Computer Forensics

Engaged by defendant Moss in this criminal matter. Our computer forensic investigation included analysis of a number of emails alleged to be harassing messages sent by the defendant.

Our expert report called into question the alleged origin and sender of the emails. Our report was not contested by the Crown. The report was cited in another reported case.


Computer Forensics and Expert Witness ServicesWhat we do
Richard Morochove, computer forensic investigator
Toronto, Ontario-based computer consulting firm Morochove & Associates Inc. provides computer forensic investigation services, computer expert witness services and information technology consulting assistance to both the legal and business I.T. security communities.

We support lawyers and their clients in civil cases and in criminal defense. We also handle the investigation of sensitive areas for corporate clients, such as possible breaches of business data policies and computer fraud.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness ServicesMorochove & Associates Inc. at a glance

Computer Forensic Boutique technology consulting firm founded in 1988.
Computer Forensics We are flexible and tailor our services to meet client needs.
forensic science We approach computer forensic science from a business and information technology perspective supported by decades of hands-on experience.
Cyber crime investigation We deliver top-notch information technology consulting.
Computer forensic investigator We dedicate our efforts to technology consulting services for clients, so we do not sell computer hardware or software.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness ServicesOur extensive experience in computer forensic investigations

Computer ForensicsOur work in computer forensic investigations and expert witness services includes participation in arbitrations and both civil and criminal defence court cases.

We assist in Anton Piller orders, roughly analogous to a civil search warrant. We work with legal teams prior to carrying out the orders to determine the type of computer program and data files pertinent to the order, the distinctive identifying characteristics of these computer files and the most likely locations they might be found. During execution of the orders, we search for and locate the sought-after computer files and obtain copies for the legal team.

We analyze a wide variety of computer data files such as e-mail, instant message logs and word processing documents to determine if they appear to be genuine or fabricated. We can search for computer data files thought to be deleted and can often recover apparently deleted files using specialized tools.

We analyze accounting databases to locate suspicious transactions. We review related business financial data such as customer databases and price lists for evidence of their unauthorized duplication and use. We investigate the data trails of e-commerce systems, including web servers, tracking usage and analyzing logs. We can review and analyze the operations of computer applications software.

Computer Forensics and Expert Witness ServicesProfile of Richard Morochove, computer forensic investigator in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Computer Forensics services Richard is a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant (Ontario 2012), Fellow Chartered Accountant (Ontario 1977, Fellow 1994), a qualified Information Technology Specialist (CA·IT) in the profession and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (1975) from the University of Toronto. He was a founding director of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants' board of the Alliance for Excellence in Information Technology and formerly chaired its certification committee.

Richard has advised on a wide variety of computer technologies and industries since 1979. He works with Windows, DOS, Macintosh and UNIX-based systems running on notebook, desktop and server computers as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Richard has led a number of computer forensics investigations, prepared expert reports discussing his findings and testified about his work before arbitrators and court. He has qualified as a computer expert witness in Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) and Federal Court of Canada. A few court judgments are reported in the CanLII online database. Most cases settle before trial, so the vast majority go unreported. Many commercial contracts and employment agreements specify that disputes will be handled by arbitration rather than the courts. Richard has been involved in a number of arbitrations, but these proceedings are generally not publicly reported.

A noted computer authority, Richard has lectured at the University of Toronto, York University and George Brown College. He has spoken about information technology on more than three hundred occasions including the COMDEX Canada computer conference and trade show, the Canadian Computer Show and Conference and conferences of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the American Academic Accounting Association.

Computer ForensicsRichard has written 1,500 published articles about information technology, starting in 1983. He's written The Bottom Line's Computer Monitor column, aimed at accounting and finance professionals, since 1985. He reviewed software and cloud services for San Francisco-based PC World magazine from 1991-2009 and was PC World's Net Work columnist.

From 1991-2005 Richard wrote the weekly Computer Watch column for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest-circulation daily newspaper. This popular, award-winning column was syndicated to other Canadian newspapers.

Richard is frequently interviewed by electronic media and has discussed computer and information technology issues on Business News Network (BNN), CTV's Canada AM, Global TVís evening news, CITY-TV City Pulse News, CHCH-TV News, CBC Newsworld's Tomorrow/Today, Canada Live and Early Edition, CBC-TV's Morning News, The Journal and Venture, WIC's Investors Online and other television programs. He was a regular technology commentator for Southamís daily Business World television program. He has been interviewed on radio stations CFRB, CJAD, 680 NEWS and CBC Radioís national network.

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